Chilly Update

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Chilly Continues To Spread Joy!

*Update On Chilly’s Final Tour:

Most of you have read about Chilly’s cancer diagnosis. All during the month of June, we watched the tumor growing very quickly. Although he remained very much himself, we braced ourselves and prepared to say goodbye. Much to our surprise and delight, something remarkable started happening!

*The Tumor Started Shrinking!

Chilly has been taking an anti-inflammatory medication. His Mom (Dr. P.) has been monitoring his tumor closely. Remarkably, she saw the fast growing tumor start to shrink! He is still eating and drinking normally and enjoying life in his very special Chilly fashion. It is still there, and it is still cancer, however this new development is giving all of us more time with him.

We Are Grateful For Each Day!

When we first learned of Chilly’s condition, we knew our time would be short. When the tumor began growing so quickly, we feared the end would come very soon. We are over the moon with joy that he is still with us! He is still his happy self, spreading love and joy wherever he goes! These last three months have reminded us that life truly can change in an instant. We are so very grateful for each new day he is with us. Even in his illness, Chilly reminds us to focus on what is genuinely important in life and to be grateful.♥

*The Tour Continues!

Follow our Facebook and Instagram to see where Chilly will be popping up around Richmond for hugs and love. Do you have a photo of yourself with Chilly? Please post it with the hashtags #chillythepoodle and #chillysfinaltour. We love to see the happiness he has spread!♥