Pet Ate Something And Needs Surgery!

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What If You Found Out Your Pet Ate Something And Needs Surgery?

Big Momma got sick. She was vomiting and not able to keep food down. She and her parents live in Maryland. They took her to their veterinarian to find out what was wrong.

The veterinarian examined Big Momma and listened to her family’s account of what had been going on. The Doctor decided Big Momma needed to have an ultrasound done to have a look inside. The ultrasound showed her Doctor there was something inside of her that did not belong there.

The Doctor recommended surgery to explore Big Momma’s abdomen and hopefully remove the obstruction. They were told that most likely their pet had eaten something she should not have, and needed surgery. The surgery she needed was very expensive.

How To Save Big Momma?

Big Momma’s family was searching for a way to save Big Momma’s life. They found out about Helping Hands where we perform the surgery for $855, about a third of the cost of most hospitals.

We can be affordable by only doing veterinary surgery and dental care. Her family called us and we all moved very quickly to help save Big Momma. Their doctor emailed us their notes recommending surgery and their ultrasound images.

Our Doctors reviewed everything and approved her for emergency surgery. Her family got in the car and drove from Maryland. We prepared them for the possibilities. Due to the specifics of her case and her breed, we strongly recommended Big Momma go to an overnight hospital for after-care monitoring.

Time To Save Big Momma!

As soon as they arrived, they filled out her intake form and we took her to the back. She had a routine physical examination and some blood drawn. Once the blood results were processed and reviewed, Big Momma was prepped for surgery.

The Doctor found she had eaten a toy and it was stuck in her abdomen. The doctor removed the toy. We recovered her and monitored her closely. When she was stable, we released her to her family who took her to an aftercare facility.

She Is Doing Great!

We called her family the next morning to check on her. They told us the after-care facility reported that Big Momma was doing very well, had urinated and even eaten a little! We told them to call us with any questions or concerns during her recovery.

They called a few days later asking when they could go back to feeding her regular dog food. Our Doctor wanted Big Momma to eat a soft, bland diet for two weeks and then slowly incorporate her regular food.

They love their Big Momma so very much and we are so very glad they found us and we could help! Yeah Big Momma!…No More Eating Toys Though! 🙂