We Want Your Pets To Be Safe This 4th Of July!♥

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Are You Traveling With Your Pet This 4th Of July?

Experts are predicting almost 49 million people will be traveling this week! Typically when we travel, we plan and pack for ourselves and our kids. It is also very important that we pack and plan for our pets too. Here at Helping Hands Vet, we are very aware of the importance having a medical plan….so let’s start there!

*Make sure you have a copy of your pet’s complete, up-to-date medical records.

*Look-up Veterinary Emergency Hospitals in your destination town, just to be prepared.

*Is your pet elderly, or does your pet have a medical condition? It is good to source Veterinary Hospitals along the route of your journey.

*If your pet takes medication, be sure and have enough packed. If the medication requires refrigeration, be sure to pack an adequate cooler.

*It is also important to pack their regular food, as a new food may cause GI issues.

Keep Everyone In The Car Safe During Your Journey!

Our friends at AAA have complied a list of safety tips for traveling with our fur-family members! Some of their tips include…

  1. *Consider your pet’s temperament…are they nervous or prone to motion sickness?
  2. *Be sure they are safely, and comfortably restrained for the drive.
  3. *Do Not Let Your Pets Stick Their Heads Out The Window!…no matter how much they love it. Unfortunately, we see the many injuries that can result from this behavior ?
  4. *Never Leave Your Pet In A Hot Car!…We all know this, but it can never be said enough!
  5. *Be sure your pet is securely leashed Before opening the car door!

Fireworks Can Be Scary For Our Pets!

Our Chilly was very frightened of the sounds of fireworks and thunderstorms. Many pets may get spooked and try to run at the startling sound. Our friend (and pet expert) Steve Dale recommends playing YouTube videos of fireworks with the sound on very low while playing with your pet, and then gradually increasing the sound as they get used to the noise.

Dr. Lori says some pets find relief wearing a Thundershirt. She also recommends playing calming music in an interior room, or considering taking your pet to a friend’s house away from the firework noise.

If you are boarding your pet, or having a pet sitter, be sure and discuss this with them.

What Are Your Tips?

We would love to hear your tried and true travel tips. What makes your pets most comfortable? Do you have pets that are frightened by the sound of fireworks? What do you do to help soothe them?  We are all in this together!

Let’s have a pawsitively furrtastic holiday!♥♥